I will use this section to display some of the items that I have created more recently. After a month or so, I will move them to the post that fits the genre of the piece.


BEETLE-KILL PINE SHELVING UNITS – 06/24 -Two shelving units made from Ponderosa Pine harvested from a neighbor’s lot. Designed to fit two areas in their loft and installed. The back of the units is “bead board” and the finish is satin polyurethane.

36″ W x 94″ H x 16″ D—————-$1,860

24″ W x 80″ H x 20″ D—————-$1,680


For a larger view, right click and select “open in a new tab”

13″ CHERRY, MAPLE,WALNUT PLATTER – 04/24 – My second platter. It consists of 51 segments. The rings from outside to inside are cherry, walnut, maple, cherry, maple and bullitt. I now have a method to make the joints on the concentric rings perfectly tight; all done on the lathe. The finish is teak oil and paste wax.

13″ Dia. x 1-1/4″ High —————-$160


For a larger view, right click and select “open in a new tab”

9″ CHERRY AND WALNUT PLATTER– 03/24 – My first attempt at a platter. Outer ring is cherry, middle ring is some of the darkest walnut i have ever seen, inner ring is alder. I love the color combination. Finished with hand rubbed teak oil. I’m working on a method to get tighter joints on the concentric rings.

9″ dia. x 1″High —————-$80


For a larger view, right click and select “open in a new tab”

WALNUT BOOK/RECIPE STAND – 03-24 – This book/recipe stand is made from walnut scraps, left over from previous projects. I features: a folding design and a bail to hold the book open. It adjusts to four different angles and folds flat for storage. It is finished with hand rubbed teak oil.

10″W x 8″D x 2-1/2″H —————-$95


For a larger view, right click and select “open in a new tab”

ROUND FRAMED DRIED FLOWERS – 03/24 – I had a few walnut rings left over from the Walnut Spiral Table. So I decided to make them into picture frames. I took some old flowers and embedded them in a disc of epoxy resin to fit the frame.

11″ Dia.


For a larger view, right click and select “open in a new tab”

WALNUT SPIRAL TABLE – 02-24 – This was a completely new experience. I had to acquire a “steam engine” and make a form around which to bend the 20 walnut slats . I then had to design and make an assembly fixture. The walnut slats turn about 180 degrees from top to bottom. They are fastened at the top and at the bottom to an “inner ring” and surrounded by an “outer ring.” All the rings have 10 segments that are joined with splines. The legs and table supports are also steam bent. It is finished with polyurethane satin varnish. The shape of the bent slats is not perfectly consistent so they are not spaced evenly. I am working on the second table and hoping to figure out how to get a more consistent bend. I am happy with the design; it is very light and airy.

21.5″ Dia. x 22″ H —————-$500


For a larger view, right click and Open Image in a New Tab

RUSTIC PICTURE FRAMES – 2/24 – These rustic picture frames are made with old barn wood and feature a 1″ strip of birch bark inlayed. I framed a few photos that seemed appropriate.

Sized to fit an 8″ x 10″ photo

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